Marissa Pane

The Short & Sweet Summary

Marissa Pané empowers female entrepreneurs to build a brand they love while staying mentally healthy. By teaching new small business owners how to leverage digital marketing strategies, she enables them to grow their business in a stress-free way.

As a professionally trained graphic designer with multiple certifications in social media marketing and content marketing, she combines her skillsets to provide a well-rounded approach to small business marketing. Marissa’s goal is to provide women with a new approach to business that keeps their mental health a priority.

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The Story

In 2014, my first business was launched. SPIES Clothing was a brand dedicated to raising mental health awareness. SPIES stood for Support People In Every Situation and that was exactly what the company did.

Continuously setting up at local events and concerts with a small merch table in the back of the venue, SPIES became known as more than a clothing line.

Strangers would come over to our little folding table covered in shirts with positive messages. They'd smile, say they liked the design, and that's when the story began.

The SPIES team all struggled with depression, anxiety, or some form of mental illness. When we would share this information with a stranger who casually stumbled over to our merch table, they would become transfixed and inspired by our stories, but more so about the fact that we were sharing our stories with them. Being so candid and open about our own experiences allowed people to feel like they could do the same.

The number of stories, tears, and praise we received during these exchanges was overwhelming. To amplify the impact SPIES could make, I brought the company online and transitioned from a clothing line to a digital platform where people could share their experiences with mental illness online in a non-judgemental space.

The company thrived and I began to wonder why there weren't more people out there talking about mental health. I began coaching others who wanted to turn their wounds into wisdom by sharing their experiences with mental illness and recovery with the world.

It was a wild ride and I loved every second of it. I loved the company so much that I let it consume me. The company I was leading preached the importance of mental health, meanwhile my own mental health was faltering.

I hit pause on my first business to reclaim my mental health. During this time I researched and learned how to implement marketing strategies, automation techniques, and other time-saving solutions into my business.

The result: learning how to run a small business without sacrificing my mental health throughout the journey.

Marissa Pane

The Mission

From the experience of building a brand from the ground up, watching it crumble as my mental health declined, and ultimately learning how to rebuild both my mind and my business - I am committed to helping you stay mentally healthy throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Success truly amounts to nothing if you can't make it through the day without breaking down.

I understand how difficult it is to maintain your mental health while you build your business, especially if you struggle with depression or anxiety.

By providing digital marketing strategies and easy to implement actions, I hope to relieve you of some of the stress you may be under trying to get your business off the ground.

You don't have to go through this journey alone. I'm here to support you, every step of the way.

Here's How We Can Work Together:

Social Media Marketing

Does your Instagram feed need an overhaul?

If you're ready to start showing up consistently on social media with scroll stopping images, and engagement driving captions, I've got you covered!

Package Options Available Upon Request.

Layout Design

Creating a workbook? Designing a sales presentation? Building a Powerpoint? Constructing a Lead Magnet?

Layout design is my favorite type of content to create simply because I love helping you transform a simple Word Document of ideas into something amazing.

Each project is billed at $95/hour.

Marissa Pane Hudson Valley Digital Marketing

Fun Facts

  • I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson River is my go-to spot to clear my head and get creative.
  • I take my coffee black and I hate sprinkles. Basically, don't put obstacles in the way of what I came here for - the caffeine and the delicious treat.
  • I'm a sucker for non-fiction books. Teach me about history, the mind, or any aspect of business and I'll be lost in the pages from cover to cover.
  • After high school, I decided to go to college for Graphic Design because I told myself I wasn't smart enough to get a degree in Psychology. Fast forward 8 years and I'm back in college working on that psych degree.
  • Georgia, my adopted pitbull sister is my best friend and you will see her on my Instagram account all the time.
  • I'm determined to write and publish a book about overcoming obstacles in life, so stay tuned for that New York Times Bestseller 😉.
  • I will never own enough journals. I'm an office supply junkie and I can't help but buy all the pretty notebooks. Sorry, not sorry.