Recommended Resources For Small Business Owners

Ready for a peek behind the curtain to see exactly how this small business works?

I’m spilling the tea on every resource, software, and tool that has helped run my small business, manage my social media accounts, stay productive, and more.

Keep reading for all the small business resources that will help make your business a lot easier to manage.

This post contains full descriptions, links, and reviews. If you don't want to read the full blog post but want the information included, I've made a condensed cheat-sheet of my favorite resources for you to download and reference as needed.

Please note: Anything with an asterisk (*) is an affiliate link. If you sign up for something using the link with an asterisk, I may receive a small commission from the organization. That being said, I only share resources that I truly love and have 100% trust in.

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Business Resources

First up, let's talk about the tools and software that keep this business functioning. In this section, I'll be covering everything from how I host my website to how I track my finances.


Obviously, I have to start with Leadpages* because you wouldn't be reading this post right now if it wasn't for Leadpages. In the past, I used this platform specifically for landing pages but I now run my entire website (excluding the blog) on Leadpages. Their Site Builder is extremely easy to use, continually provides new features, and has been stellar for SEO purposes.

If you're looking to create a website that's built for conversions and focused on collecting new leads, I wholeheartedly recommend creating your site on Leadpages.

The only downside of using Leadpages for your website is that if you’re running a blog, you will have to create a subdomain and have this as a separate WordPress site.  If you’re not super techy, this may be a bit confusing to do, but hopefully, this blog post will help explain the process a bit better.

Alternatively, if you want a simple to use platform that includes blogging all in one I recommend trying Squarespace. I built my first business using Squarespace. I loved the simplicity and how easy it was to edit my site/blog posts. I haven’t personally used Squarespace since early 2019 so things have definitely changed since this time, but I’ve heard great things from my peers who are still using Squarespace for their brands.

Resources Every Small Business Owner Should Know About


Full transparency, Honeybook* is basically the Holy Grail of my business. I’m not quite sure how I managed my small business before investing in Honeybook as it’s where I track all client communication, contracts, payments, invoices, and project status. 

Not only does this software help me keep track of and manage my business, but it also makes me look more professional too. With custom templates and easy brand integrations, your clients get the total experience when you’re using Honeybook to send documents, invoices, and even set up project portals.


Trust me when I say I’ve used almost every email marketing software out there. From personal use to agency and corporate use, I’ve seen it all.

Convertkit* is my number one choice for small business owners who want to drive authentic leads to their opt-ins and connect on a personal level with their subscribers. Their segmentation and tagging features are unmatched and the platform is beyond easy to understand. 

Canva Pro

Yes, a professionally trained graphic designer is telling you to go buy Canva Pro*.

I honestly work more in Canva than I do in Adobe lately just because of how easy it is to use. Between having stock photos and icons at your fingertips, to having your designs accessible literally anywhere… I don’t know why you wouldn’t fall head over heels for Canva. 

Social Media Resources

There's a lot that goes into optimizing a social media feed and even more that goes into maintaining multiple social media feeds. If you've ever wondered how to successfully manage multiple social media accounts, this section is for you.

Do you want to schedule your Instagram posts while understanding which hashtags are working for your posts?* has got you covered.

I’ve used their free plan for years, but 2020 is when I made the switch to the paid plan and I’m never looking back. You can store your frequently used hashtag sets, you can automatically publish your photo and add the first comment instantly, you can visually plan your content and see what times of the day will have the most engagement from your followers. This software is literally Instagram Business made easy.


If you’re managing five or more social media accounts, I recommend investing in Hootsuite. I find that it’s the best platform to manage multiple Facebook accounts, but you can also use it to schedule any other social media platform as well.

While the platform is a little glitchy and a bit expensive, I don’t think I’d survive as a social media manager without it. 


Unsplash is essentially the ultimate source of free stock photography that doesn’t suck. Basically, any stock photo you’ve ever seen me use is from this site. It’s honestly that good.

A Color Story

While so many people go crazy over VSCO, I’m over here having a love affair with A Color Story.

It’s my favorite photo editing app and between the preset filter, custom modifications, and all the extra effects, you’ll never need another photo editing app on your phone.

Download A Condensed List of All My Favorite Resources

Want to take this list of small business resources with you? No problem! I've condensed this long blog post into a simple 3-page PDF containing the most essential information.

Productivity & Organization Resources

Running a small business on its own is overwhelming. When you add in client work on top of building your own brand, it can easily become a mess. These are the resources and tools I use to stay sane and productive while growing my business.


Have you ever wanted a fairy godmother to wave a wand and make your automation dreams come true? Zapier is basically that fairy godmother. 

My favorite Zaps are for creating new Pins on Pinterest from my Instagram account and merging all of my client payments from different platforms into one spreadsheet. You will literally save hours of work when you start integrating Zapier into your life.


The original hub of all content creation and organizational management for my business was Trello. is the perfect platform for keeping track of all your ideas in an organized easy to access way.

If you currently have post-it notes and notebooks full of ideas scattered around your office, it's time to merge everything into a streamlined Trello board.


The ultimate digital to-do list software is Asana. Not only can you plan out your tasks, add subtasks, descriptions, comments, link to your Google Drive, and other integrations...but you can also share your workspace with your team.

Whether you're a one-woman show or you have a team helping you run your business, Asana will help keep everyone on task and up to speed on projects coming down the pipeline.


While I used to keep track of my content calendar inside Trello, I transitioned to using Airtable in 2020. I love that this program is essentially a Google Doc - Trello Hybrid. It's so much more than what it seems to be a first; a spreadsheet.

The functionality and automation integrated into the platform and the ability to switch the way content is viewed with a click of a button is truly unmatched. If you've ever wanted a complete database that's as easy to manage as a Google Doc... you're going to want to check this out.


As much as I love to write...words don't always like to cooperate with me. That's where Grammarly saves my butt, time, and time again. From grammar and spelling to the tone of your writing, Grammarly helps you eliminate silly mistakes while also making you look more like the professional we both know you are.

Educational Resources

If you're not learning, you're not growing. Education is something I value very highly and it's something I always make time for, regardless of how many items are on my to-do list. The following list contains a few of my favorite educators, websites, courses, and books that I highly recommend.

Business, Marketing & Mindset Books

  • Stories That Stick: How Storytelling Can Captivate Customers, Influence Audiences, and Transform Your Business by Kindra Hall - If you've ever wondered how to integrate storytelling into your marketing strategies, this book is for you. It tells you how to integrate storytelling into your business and explains why storytelling is vital for your success.
  • Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi - My favorite thing about Dean's writing is that it feels like you're reading a note from a friend. He uses simple language to explain deeply important topics and he leads you through life-changing tasks every step of the way.

Online Courses

  • List Builder's Society by Amy Porterfield - If you're brand new to email marketing and want to start growing your email list (which you should!) then this course is the best place for you to start.
  • Content Marketing Mastery Course by Digital Marketer - This is the course I took to become certified in Content Marketing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their content marketing skills and dive deeper into the topic. It's definitely a more advanced course and you will need to have a basic understanding of digital marketing prior to enrolling for the best success.

Life Resources

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and side-hustlers all have one common trait: working hard and being busy. The following are a few of my favorite (non-business related) products that have made my life easier while I grow my business.

Daily Harvest

If you know me in real life, you know I love to eat. Good food is what I live for and I plan on hiring a personal chef one day when I'm a millionaire to fulfill every delicious craving. Until that time comes, I'm using Daily Harvest as my source of healthy, delicious, and easy to cook food. Click here to get $25 off your first box.

Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

I personally struggle with seasonal depression so this lamp has been a game-changer for me during the winter months. But if you're working in a low-light area and want the room to feel like a bright sunny day, this lamp is going to light up your world in a whole new way.


I hope a few of these resources are able to make a positive impact on your business. Don't forget to check back often as this list will continually be updated with new tools, software, and educational resources.

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I share digital marketing advice and content dedicated to helping you stay mentally well throughout your entrepreneurial journey.