Here's How We Can Work Together:

Social Media Marketing

Does your Instagram feed need an overhaul?

If you're ready to start showing up consistently on social media with scroll stopping images, and engagement driving captions, I've got you covered!

Package Options Available Upon Request.

Layout Design

Creating a workbook? Designing a sales presentation? Building a Powerpoint? Constructing a Lead Magnet?

Layout design is my favorite type of content to create simply because I love helping you transform a simple Word Document of ideas into something amazing.

Each project is billed at $95/hour.



Client Testimonials

"I started a marketing consulting business with zero graphic design skills. Marissa was the perfect strategic partner to give my business the design capability it needed to successfully serve my clients.

Marissa’s mastery of graphic design is sometimes comical. Designs or revisions that I cannot wrap my head around take her 5-10 minutes. That expertise and efficiency produce great work and save me money!"

- Marc M.

"Marissa was awesome! She took an idea that I had and a whole bunch of text and made two gorgeous booklets for me in a number of days. Communication was always fast and collaborative, and the booklets are exactly what I had hoped for. Thanks so much!"

- Jennifer M.

"Building a small business requires hard work at the best of times let alone during a worldwide pandemic however in our case we are seeing how a pandemic can bring people together to help one another.

Marissa kindly offered her services to create 6 media posts for our catering business and all of a sudden this small gesture has evolved into something so much more than that.

Marissa’s clear focus and direction in these posts alone have helped to me to focus on our visual branding. It has built on my knowledge and understanding of some marketing styles and tips and has given me a clearer direction when I was a little unsure.

In this last week, the consistent use of these posts combined with my new additions (inspired by Marissa’s work) has already helped in building engagement on our social media platforms and I can’t wait to continue building on our social interactions and engagement with so much more focus and direction.

Marissa - Thank you, thank you, thank you”

- Liz M.

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