It’s time to increase your visibility with digital marketing strategies rooted in psychology, so you can make more sales while creating a bigger impact.

There’s so much more to growing a sustainable, successful business as an online business owner, service provider, or even as a side hustler than capturing your audience’s attention on social media.

While marketing on Instagram or TikTok is a key part of building your brand, you need to first establish the foundations of your business.


Without the proper business foundations in place, marketing your services is going to be as effective as telling yourself you’re only going to eat *one* french fry.

It may sound like a good idea, but in reality, it’s never going to happen.

So let’s triple-check that your business foundations are rock-solid before going any further.

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No matter your story, it all comes down to the same thing - you need more people to know, like, and trust your business.

What if instead of settling for the feast or famine cycle of entrepreneurship (just because you’re getting used to it), you’re able to grow a list of qualified leads who are ready and waiting to work with you?

What if instead of saying “yes” to every client inquiry (even when you know they’re not aligned with your values) or endlessly searching Upwork for that *perfect* opportunity, you’re able to leave your freelancer mentality behind and truly step into your role as a confident entrepreneur?






Sweet! If you’re reading this, you have clarity around your offers, your expertise, and your client transformation. 

Now, let’s put it all together so you lose those frantic freelancer vibes you’ve got going on and settle into financially secure CEO mode.




Yikes! It looks like there might be some foundational work that needs to be done before we can start thinking about social media marketing and beyond.

But let's keep going, shall we?


As your strategic partner, we look at everything your business has to offer and your goals for the upcoming quarter and beyond with a birds-eye-view. 

With our fresh set of eyes, we’re able to identify any missed opportunities you may have overlooked being *too close* to your own business. (Trust us, it happens way more often than you may think!)

After our extensive research and marketing strategy development, we’ll craft one-of-a-kind content for your brand so you can strategically show up online and start making a profit, ASAP. 

Don’t worry - You might not have time to create content for multiple platforms or even know how to show up across multiple platforms effectively, but we do.

Call it omni-channel marketing, call it diversifying your marketing efforts, call it a content marketing distribution strategy - either way, it comes down to one thing....

You’ll be seen on multiple platforms to attract the most qualified eyes to your content.

And more eyes on your content = hotter leads entering your funnel. 
More leads in your funnel = more client inquiries. More client inquiries = more clients! 

... & that’s what we like to refer to as

 Full Suite Marketing 


At Pané Marketing, we understand how busy you are, trying to wear all the hats, and not having time to focus on what you do best.

So let us do what WE do YOUR business.

We’re here to extend our expertise - so you can focus on yours.

Full Suite Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our Full Suite Marketing Packages include everything needed to optimize your digital marketing. Including email marketing, social media marketing and more - it can all be customized per your brand's specific needs.

Investment starts at $4,500/month

Organic Social Media Marketing is our love language. This package specifically focuses on optimizing your social media marketing efforts for lead generation, brand awareness, and client conversion.

Investment starts at $1,100/month

Our Services

As a service provider, online business owner, or a side hustler, the client experience is just as important as the actual service you’re providing. A phenomenal client experience is what will have client referrals pouring in. 

Pané Marketing focuses on marketing your business and expanding your visibility… but it doesn't just stop there

We also help you enhance the experience for your clients once they're onboarded to work with you, which in turn increases your client return rates and referral rates. 

So how do we make sure we’re going above and beyond for our clients? We make sure everything is easy, efficient, and high-quality. 

We review your onboarding process, your workflows, and your actual client assets.
  • Are you using unbranded or incohesive Google Docs to transfer information?
  • Is your ‘client portal’ simply a web of email chains that you hope no one deletes?

Strengthen the connection between you and your clients through high-quality, personalized touch points.

Graphic Design & Client Experience Optimization

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"I've worked with people previously who had great ideas
but the execution didn't meet my needs. When I started working
with Marissa, in that first week, I felt like I found My Golden Ticket.
Right from the get-go, she had ideas and produced results!"

Nicole McDonald, LCSW-R

Leading With Love Parenting

Amy Lynn Tompkins

ala Tompkins TCG

"You really are a gem. No one else I've worked with has your drive or work ethic, let alone your willingness to constantly be at the front of the industry paying attention to changes in the way the algorithms work and also your responsiveness to what may not be working."

Becca Morehead

Personal Trainer

"Marissa has always been so honest and relatable when it comes to practical social media strategies. She doesn't just spew the same information as others -- she wants to understand your audience and really help you connect with them."

Kristin Misik

KM Acupuncture

"Marissa always meets me where I am at and that makes working together effortless. We began working together when she helped me with branding and creating my marketing designs. From there, I felt Marissa really understood what I was going for and knew she would be an excellent fit for SMM."


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