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All-In-One Brand Strategy & Content Solutions for Service Providers Who Want To Amplify What They Can Do With Their Business

By offering everything—from brand strategy to social media management—all in one place, Pané Marketing makes building a cohesive brand & creating consistent content to help grow your business simple.

As your centralized hub for all things marketing & design, Pané Marketing, provides the same results you can expect from hand-picking individual industry experts, without the extra work and overwhelm for you.

Hey, I'm Marissa!

So Glad You Asked! Here's The Full Story:

A Content Marketing & Brand Strategist For Female Entrepreneurs Who Want To Become Known As More Than Just "That Interior Design Girl" 

Life being short isn’t even the half of it.

My brother died at 18 — but he never really lived a single day of his life.  It’s not that he didn’t *do* anything with his life, it’s that he physically couldn’t

It’s easy to overlook how lucky we are to do simple things like walking, talking, or even breathing without machine assistance. 

But finding something we’re passionate about and choosing each day to wake up and do that thing or work towards a specific goal is truly a miracle and not something anyone should take for granted.
Growing up, watching my brother exist in what I called a shell of a body was really tough. 

But it gave me a perspective on life that most people don’t ever get to experience and for that I’m grateful. 

I know so many people who have lost someone unexpectedly and nothing truly wakes you up to how precious and short life is than in those moments of loss.  But when someone’s alive and you watch them suffer every single day, trapped in a body that doesn’t work — you have 18 years' worth of loss shaking you to help you see how special being alive truly is. 

Okay, maybe you're not an interior designer. But whatever your speciality is, I don't want you to be lumped in with the rest! 

See, I'm a girlie who loves design and putting together perfectly curated aesthetics just as much as I enjoy analyzing data and obsessing over why humans do the things they do.

Relying on 11 years of experience working in the marketing world and a combination of my passions for design + psychology, I’m here to help you build a brand that’s as unforgettable and unique as you are!

My approach is simple, I take all the pieces of your business that make up who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it, and use that to craft a brand that highlights your unique edge.

Then we use that brand to create content that attracts, nurtures, and converts your audience.

Okay Cool, But How Did We Get Here?

It’s about ensuring your business continues to thrive so you can continue to pursue your passions, put all your crazy, wonderful ideas into action, and make a massive impact on the community you serve.

Because that's what Pané Marketing is all about… empowering you as a business owner so you can embrace the things in life that light you the F up.

I’m completely invested in your business and your success as a company because I know that what we’re doing is so much bigger than building brand awareness. 

Life is incredibly f*cking short and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of every moment. 

Why in the world am I sharing this fluffy fortune cookie sentence with you to start my story?

Because the whole reason this business even exists in the first place is because of my dead brother. 

I built this business so I could live. For myself and for Anthony.

This business allows me the freedom and flexibility to spend time with the people who are important to me, travel, explore, and prioritize my mental health. 

You started your business because you knew in your gut that being trapped in a corporate job you hate with retirement as your ultimate end goal isn’t a life. 

Life is about moments and experiences. 

Pané Marketing allows me to have those things while simultaneously helping other small business owners (like you) do the same. 

Trust me when I say I love what I do - but I love even more that my work as a marketing and brand strategist helps other female entrepreneurs get to do more of what they love to do. 

This is why I pour my heart and soul into every client project I take on and only work with a handful of clients at a time. 

This business allows me the freedom and flexibility to spend time with the people who are important to me, travel, explore, and prioritize my mental health. 

You started your business because you knew in your gut that being trapped in a corporate job you hate with retirement as your ultimate end goal isn’t a life. 

Life is about moments and experiences. 

Career timeline comin’ in hot!

More of Facts & Figures Type of Gal?

Graduated with a degree in Communication Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Around this time I also launched my first business, SPIES Clothing which was a clothing line that raised mental health awareness.


Played a key part in launching the inaugural season of the Westchester Knicks - officially as the "Marketing Partnership Activation Coordinator" and unofficially as the team's graphic designer, game-day photographer, web designer, and social media manager. (Small team, many hats. IYKYK)


Worked as Junior Designer at Madison Square Garden providing creative support for the Marketing Partnerships division with a focus on partnership activation and new business. This included working on projects for all MSG properties (New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Radio City Music Hall, etc.) and their partner brands including Chase, Delta, Lexus, JBL, etc.


Young and hungry for more diverse marketing experiences, I joined a marketing agency as their Digital Designer where I was responsible for social media marketing, curating digital assets, web design, and additional graphic design support for clients like Finlandia Cheese, McCormick Spices, and Martin's Potato Rolls.


I finally said "peace out girl scout" to corporate life and took Pané Marketing full-time!

The rest is history.


I quickly learned that marketing agencies were not the vibes for me, so I joined a small business that provided marketing services for doctors and dentists as their Social Media Specialist and as the years progressed, I also assumed the role of the Marketing and Client Relations Coordinator.


Pané Marketing was launched as a side-hustle! (Losing a 4 hour daily commute thanks to the COVID lockdowns adds a lot of free time on your hands - I even went back to school to get a BA in Psychology too!)


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parenting coach

"I've worked with people previously who had great ideas but the execution didn't meet my needs. When I started working with Marissa, in that first week, I felt like I found My Golden Ticket. Right from the get-go, she had ideas and produced results!"

nicole mcdonald, lcsw-r,
leading with love parenting


"Marissa always meets me where I am at and that makes working together effortless. We began working together when she helped me with branding and creating my marketing designs. From there, I felt Marissa really understood what I was going for and knew she would be an excellent fit for SMM."

Kristin misik, km acupuncture

music neuroscientist

"Working with Marissa is WONDERFUL! What I love most about her work is her incredible efficiency, and passion for my business and content. She found a great balance between precision and accessibility, which I really needed help with. She is smart, capable, dependable, and shows up 100% for her clients." 

Dr. Jessica Phillips-silver, growing brains

Money Educator & Financial Strategist

"I felt at ease knowing that Marissa was taking care of creating and posting for my business each month and that the content was intentional and strategic. Showing up consistently definitely impacted my business, I had a request to be interviewed for an article and felt that I was in front of my ideal audience more consistently, which led to enrollments in my course."

Megan Naasz, CPA


"The Instagram Account Audit Marissa completed helped me clean up how I was showing up on my social accounts and it felt more aligned with how I'm showing up in my day-to-day work. I now have an Instagram that looks & feels aligned with a game plan of how to continually improve!" 


trading card games shop owner

"You really are a gem. No one else I've worked with has your drive or work ethic, let alone your willingness to constantly be at the front of the industry paying attention to changes in the way the algorithms work and also your responsiveness to what may not be working."

amy lynn tompkins, ala Tompkins TCG

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