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and helping small business owners accelerate their business growth through psychology-infused marketing strategies is kind of my thing. 

At Pané Marketing, we pride ourselves on crafting online marketing strategies that integrate principles of human behavior so your business can attract new clients and transcend its revenue potential.

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With a background in communication design and psychology, each marketing strategy produced by Pané Marketing is data-driven and built based on the principles of human behavior.

We’re committed to helping you unlock the full potential of your brand with strategic, psychology-driven marketing.

Whether you choose to work with us for brand strategy, social media marketing, or graphic design projects, your experience with Pané Marketing will always follow a simple, proven process to ensure optimal results.

Where we look back, in order to look forward.
Before we can make any strategic decisions, we need to review all relevant aspects of your business. Detailed questionnaires are sent your way to complete while we do some digging on the front end and then we review your responses and combine it with our research before moving on to the next step.

Where we propose strategic solutions to your current problems.
Once we’ve gotten to know your business better and have a comprehensive understanding of the missing pieces to get you from where you are to where you’re going, we put together an action plan that’s custom-tailored to your needs.

Where we work our magic.
Finally, it’s time to create content for your brand that’s optimized for maximum impact using our psychology-driven approach. Through a combination of strategic brand development, dynamic social media campaigns, and eye-catching graphic design your business will attract new customers, increase engagement, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Our Unique Approach:

Official Credentials:

  • Associates Degree in Communication Design - Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - Fort Hays State University
  • Certified in Advanced Social Media Strategy - Hootsuite & Syracuse University 
  • Certified Content Marketing Specialist - DigitalMarketer
  • Certified in Advanced Social Advertising - Hootsuite
  • Certified in Content Marketing - Hubspot
  • Certified in Social Media Marketing - Hubspot

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