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I'm on a mission to help small business owners accelerate their business growth through psychology-infused marketing strategies.

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"I've worked with people previously who had great ideas
but the execution didn't meet my needs. When I started working
with Marissa, in that first week, I felt like I found My Golden Ticket.
Right from the get-go, she had ideas and produced results!"

Nicole McDonald, LCSW-R

Leading With Love Parenting

Amy Lynn Tompkins

ala Tompkins TCG

"You really are a gem. No one else I've worked with has your drive or work ethic, let alone your willingness to constantly be at the front of the industry paying attention to changes in the way the algorithms work and also your responsiveness to what may not be working."

Becca Morehead

Personal Trainer

"Marissa has always been so honest and relatable when it comes to practical social media strategies. She doesn't just spew the same information as others -- she wants to understand your audience and really help you connect with them."

Kristin Misik

KM Acupuncture

"Marissa always meets me where I am at and that makes working together effortless. We began working together when she helped me with branding and creating my marketing designs. From there, I felt Marissa really understood what I was going for and knew she would be an excellent fit for SMM."

My life got flipped, turned upside down! When I launched Pané Marketing in 2020 I had one goal: to help small businesses gain the recognition they deserved, no matter their level of marketing knowledge.

I saw one too many businesses fail simply due to a lack of clientele. It wasn't that these businesses weren't serving their clients or customers in an outstanding manner, it was that no one knew the business existed outside of word-of-mouth referrals. 

After launching my first business, a clothing line that raised mental health awareness, I saw first-hand how powerful social media and digital marketing can be to get your business off the ground.

Whenever I saw other companies or brands not utilizing social media, I truly couldn't understand why. Then it occurred to me that many business owners either don't understand how to properly market themselves or they just simply don't have the time. 

The solution: It was time to provide these small business owners with simplified marketing strategies so they could truly leverage the power of digital marketing.

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  • Associates Degree in Communication Design - Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - Fort Hays State University
  • Certified in Advanced Social Media Strategy - Hootsuite & Syracuse University 
  • Certified Content Marketing Specialist - DigitalMarketer
  • Certified in Advanced Social Advertising - Hootsuite
  • Certified in Content Marketing - Hubspot
  • Certified in Social Media Marketing - Hubspot

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Dog momma to a three-legged pitbull named Benson
References early 2000's songs way too much
Drinks black hot coffee or iced caramel oat milk lattes 
Always has Prosecco stocked in the fridge
Is a total sucker for new journals and notebooks
Buys more books than will ever be possible to read
Born and raised in the Hudson Valley
May or may not be wearing sweatpants right now

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