Meet Marissa,
founder of Pané Marketing.

With a decade of corporate marketing experience, paired with my formal education in communication design and psychology, you can count on each marketing strategy produced by the Pané Marketing team to be data-driven and built based on the principles of human behavior.

We’re committed to helping you unlock the full potential of your brand with strategic, psychology-driven marketing.

Whether you choose to work with us for brand strategy, social media marketing, graphic design projects, or something in between, your experience with Pané Marketing will always follow a simple, proven process to ensure optimal results.

I help service providers
accelerate their business growth through strategic marketing efforts

Using my proprietary framework, the WAND Method™ you'll be able to start converting followers into clients in no time. But there’s so much more to growing a sustainable, successful business than simply capturing your audience’s attention on social media, so we'll be providing you with a holistic omni-channel strategy that amplifies your brand presence from lead generation all the way to signed clients and on-brand deliverables.

music neuroscientist

"Working with Marissa is WONDERFUL! What I love most about her work is her incredible efficiency, and passion for my business and content. She found a great balance between precision and accessibility, which I really needed help with. She is smart, capable, dependable, and shows up 100% for her clients." 

Dr. Jessica Phillips-silver, growing brains

Money Educator & Financial Strategist

"I felt at ease knowing that Marissa was taking care of creating and posting for my business each month and that the content was intentional and strategic. Showing up consistently definitely impacted my business, I had a request to be interviewed for an article and felt that I was in front of my ideal audience more consistently, which led to enrollments in my course."

Megan Naasz, CPA


"Marissa always meets me where I am at and that makes working together effortless. We began working together when she helped me with branding and creating my marketing designs. From there, I felt Marissa really understood what I was going for and knew she would be an excellent fit for SMM."

Kristin misik, km acupuncture

parenting coach

"I've worked with people previously who had great ideas but the execution didn't meet my needs. When I started working with Marissa, in that first week, I felt like I found My Golden Ticket. Right from the get-go, she had ideas and produced results!"

nicole mcdonald, lcsw-r,
leading with love parenting

trading card games shop owner

"You really are a gem. No one else I've worked with has your drive or work ethic, let alone your willingness to constantly be at the front of the industry paying attention to changes in the way the algorithms work and also your responsiveness to what may not be working."

amy lynn tompkins, ala Tompkins TCG


"The Instagram Account Audit Marissa completed helped me clean up how I was showing up on my social accounts and it felt more aligned with how I'm showing up in my day-to-day work. I now have an Instagram that looks & feels aligned with a game plan of how to continually improve!" 


It’s time to increase your visibility with marketing strategies rooted in psychology, so you can make more sales while creating a bigger impact.

What if instead of settling for the feast or famine cycle of entrepreneurship (just because you’re getting used to it), you’re able to grow a list of qualified leads who are ready and waiting to work with you?

What if instead of saying “yes” to every client inquiry (even when you know they’re not aligned with your values) or endlessly searching Upwork for that *perfect* opportunity, you’re able to leave your freelancer mentality behind and truly step into your role as a confident entrepreneur?

I'm here to extend my expertise, so you can focus on yours.

As your strategic partner, I look at everything your business has to offer, including your goals for the upcoming quarter and beyond, with a birds-eye-view. 

With a fresh set of eyes, I'm able to identify any missed opportunities you may have overlooked being *too close* to your own business. (Trust me, it happens way more often than you may think!)

After my extensive research and marketing strategy development, I'll craft one-of-a-kind content for your brand so you can strategically show up online and start making a profit, ASAP. 

Don’t worry - You might not have time to create content for multiple platforms or even know how to show up across multiple platforms effectively, but I do.


Where the Pané Marketing team shares our best marketing strategies, insights on buyer psychology, and tips for your business to transcend its revenue potential

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