How long does it take you to write an Instagram caption for your small business?

Better yet, how much time does it take you to write, edit and finalize a post that will actually DO something for your business other than result in a double tap?

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Stop messing around and start relying on a content system proven to convert. 👇

You can streamline your social media marketing with these 100+ Instagram Caption Templates that are proven to convert!

Connecting with consumers on social media is one of the most effective ways to attract leads and bring in more business.

According to the mere exposure effect, consumers prefer brands they recognize.

What better way to stay top-of-mind with your customers than to regularly post content on social media?

But I know, it can be hard to know what to say to your audience day in and day out - which is what makes caption templates like these so helpful!

"These caption templates were designed in a way that is so comprehensive, organized, and easy to follow. It helped me optimize my content creation process and saved me SO much time! Plus I've increased my brand awareness and gained more leads since implementing these caption templates."

Andressa N.
Virtual Assistant

With these social media captions, you can...

  • Engage with your followers, getting them to comment and participate in different discussions
  • Provide helpful tips and suggestions that your followers can appreciate and use to their advantage
  • Build a solid sense of trustworthiness with your targeted audience
  • Tell stories that will get people to share your content, making it easier to gain more followers
  • Promote yourself as an expert in your industry in a fun, more effective way
  • Stay in contact with people who are more likely to use your services or buy the products you sell

These Instagram caption templates were created to drive engagement, educate your audience, and share your services. 

In other words, these captions will be the driving force behind what converts your followers into clients. 

Each of the 3 caption categories are designed to help you during a different stage of your customer journey.  

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The 3 Strategic Instagram Caption Categories Included In This Social Media Caption Template Bundle

Brand Awareness & Connection Based Content

Educational & Value Packed Insightful Content

Product Awareness & Conversion Driven Content

People need to know who you are, what you stand for, and why they should follow you over your competitors.

What makes you different and the go-to person in your industry?

People know who you are, not it's time to blow their mind with your knowledge. Share your insights and provide value for free with your audience to establish trust. 

No trust? No sale.

Congrats, your followers like, know, and trust you! But currently, they're just a follower and followers don't pay the bills. Let's convert those followers into clients!

It's time to talk about your services.

Still not sure if these social media caption templates will work for your business?

Virtual Assistants

Salon Owners

Coaches & Consultants

When you're busy handling the tasks that your clients don't have time for, coming up with things to say on social media might be a challenge. With caption templates, you never need to worry about not knowing what to say to connect with your audience

You can rest assured if you're an online business owner or a service provider because these templates were created specifically for you!

Personal Trainers

Here are a few niche recommendations that will love these caption templates:

You have a hectic schedule helping people look and feel their absolute best. Coming up with the right captions to capture your work and promote your salon can be time-consuming and challenging. But now you can save time with these convenient caption templates.

You're spending hours of your day helping others become the best version of themselves. But that doesn't leave much time for writing meaningful, high-quality captions for Instagram. Luckily, these caption templates will save you time and effort while helping you connect with your followers.

While a healthy diet and love for exercise may come naturally to you, that doesn't mean words do. If you're a personal trainer wanting to grow your following and create stronger connections, adding thoughtful captions to every post will make a difference.

Whether you’re a photographer, an artist, a graphic designer, a bookkeeper, or anything in between - you can make the most of your social media marketing efforts with high-quality caption templates, like these!

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"Okay, you are seriously the caption queen. They are always on point and funny. I love it! They keep you engaged and reading."

Rhiannon R.
Graphic Designer

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