Kick your overwhelm to the curb. It's time to stop juggling all the marketing tasks on your own, while trying to piece together disjointed efforts from multiple contractors that bring in inconsistent results.

When you work with Pané Marketing, our Full Suite Marketing Experience provides a one-stop-stop approach to elevate your brand. Together, we'll create a seamless experience from the moment a potential lead discovers your business, all the way through the customer journey and beyond.

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On-Demand Strategy, Content Creation, & Implementation

From ideation to execution, we'll craft a custom content strategy for your business that tells your brand story, attracts your ideal customers, and helps you convert new leads into clients.

Using data-driven market research and emotion-infused storytelling, our psychology-driven marketing strategies will help you connect with your audience on a whole new level.

And we all know a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to create scroll-stopping visual designs that pair perfectly with your custom content.

Imagine a world where your marketing isn't just a collection of random tactics, but a beautifully woven tapestry that tells the story of your brand. A world where every pixel, every word, every strategy reflects the essence of your business and captivates your audience from the first encounter.

Our journey together begins with understanding you, your values, your goals, and your vision.

We believe that the heart and soul of any business lies in its brand strategy.  With this solid foundation in place, we'll create a custom roadmap that becomes your guiding light—a compass that steers you toward your marketing goals while staying true to your brand identity.

No more scattered efforts, no more confusion. Just a clear path to success.

What's Included In The Full-Suite Marketing Experience?

social media management

Show up consistently on Instagram and an additional platform of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). From content creation to account management, you're covered.

blog writing

You'll *finally* have a consistent blog to help boost your website authority, attract new leads through SEO, and you'll have fresh content to pin each month.

email marketing

Your most qualified leads already gave your their email address and now they're dying to hear from you. It's time to give them what they want!

pinterest marketing

The secret lead generation tool you didn't know you needed. Drive traffic to your site, your lead magnets, and your social channels with fresh pins each month.

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music neuroscientist

"Working with Marissa is WONDERFUL! What I love most about her work is her incredible efficiency, and passion for my business and content. She found a great balance between precision and accessibility, which I really needed help with. She is smart, capable, dependable, and shows up 100% for her clients." 

Dr. Jessica Phillips-silver, growing brains

Money Educator & Financial Strategist

"I felt at ease knowing that Marissa was taking care of creating and posting for my business each month and that the content was intentional and strategic. Showing up consistently definitely impacted my business, I had a request to be interviewed for an article and felt that I was in front of my ideal audience more consistently, which led to enrollments in my course."

Megan Naasz, CPA


"Marissa always meets me where I am at and that makes working together effortless. We began working together when she helped me with branding and creating my marketing designs. From there, I felt Marissa really understood what I was going for and knew she would be an excellent fit for SMM."

Kristin misik, km acupuncture

parenting coach

"I've worked with people previously who had great ideas but the execution didn't meet my needs. When I started working with Marissa, in that first week, I felt like I found My Golden Ticket. Right from the get-go, she had ideas and produced results!"

nicole mcdonald, lcsw-r,
leading with love parenting

trading card games shop owner

"You really are a gem. No one else I've worked with has your drive or work ethic, let alone your willingness to constantly be at the front of the industry paying attention to changes in the way the algorithms work and also your responsiveness to what may not be working."

amy lynn tompkins, ala Tompkins TCG


"The Instagram Account Audit Marissa completed helped me clean up how I was showing up on my social accounts and it felt more aligned with how I'm showing up in my day-to-day work. I now have an Instagram that looks & feels aligned with a game plan of how to continually improve!" 


Our Signature Three-Step Process

It's time to hire a dedicated marketing expert who can help you see the forest from the trees, identify a clear plan of action, and actually get the work that needs to be done, done.

01. The Audit & Strategy Development

Before we can make any strategic decisions, we need to review all relevant aspects of your business.

Detailed questionnaires are sent your way while we do some digging on the front end. After reviewing your responses and combine it with our research, we're able to build a comprehensive action plan, customized to your specific needs.

02. Execution of Marketing Tasks

Following the development of your comprehensive action plan, the Pané Marketing team can get to work!

While there will be many different marketing tasks being handled, you'll never have to track down another contractor. Marissa is your sole contact and will handle everything for you. All you have to do is review materials as they're sent to you for approval.

03. Optimization & Refinement

Once the Pané Marketing team is able to start implementing your strategic marketing plan, we're able to see real-time results of what's working and what needs a quick pivot.

We keep a close eye on all your account analytics, industry trends, and everything in between to ensure your business is getting the best possible results.

Meet Your Certified Social Media & Content Marketing Strategist

Hi. I'm Marissa! 

I have over a decade of marketing experience and love helping small business owners accelerate their business growth through the use of strategic content and psychology-infused marketing.

Over the past three years, I haven't had to go on a single sales call.

Every client came to me hot and ready to buy - either directly through my content or through a referral. 

Content has the power to change your business.

And as a Full Suite Marketing Client, that's exactly what the Pané Marketing team is going to help you achieve. 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

I only work with 3 Full Suite Marketing clients at a time to ensure each client receives optimal attention and the highest-quality work. 

Do you do ALL the work yourself?? 

While I'm the master strategist and primary implementer, there will be tasks and designated roles (ie: lead generation, social media account management, etc.) outsourced to my network of industry professionals when needed. Your business will always be in the best hands possible. 

Is there anything smaller than Tier 1? 

Submit an application and let's chat. Depending on your current needs, I may have a solution for you. (Haven't seen the tiers? Click here.)

Are you offering social media marketing services alone anymore? 

These services are now only available to my Full Suite Marketing clients. However, I'm still available to help you optimize you account via my Social Setup Package and you can access on-demand social strategy, caption templates, and done-for-you social content inside of the Content Catalyst Membership at anytime!

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