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You want to be consistent on social media, but sometimes the thought of creating content gives you a big ole' brain fart and you feel like you've got writer's block. 

You spend more time stressing about the format of the post than worrying about the actual message.

So you end up procrastinating on creating that post and find yourself starting from square one again.

When you think of what's really getting in the way of consistency on social media...

It's usually a combination of these:

You're busy! And you don't have a lot of time to create posts from start to finish.

Your creativity well has run dry after putting your all into your client work.

You probably already knew this, but...

You should be using your time & energy for your clients.
Not creating content from scratch.

Picture This:

It's Tuesday at noon  and you're staring at a blank screen wondering what the heck you're going to post on Instagram this week. 🙄

You can't decide whether you should start with the graphic itself or the caption.

So you quickly turn to Canva and try to find the perfect template that you can use. Bam! You found one. Awesome. Pat yourself in the back.

You craft something up, and now you have to spend more time and energy all over again - for the caption. You're back to the same blank screen. Only this time, you don't have an entire template gallery to help you.

That entire ordeal takes you at least 1 hour. For one post. (No thanks!)

You can be crafting and scheduling next week's post in under 10 minutes as a member of Content Catalyst.

Your business is growing, which means you have a lot on your plate and no time to waste.

Prior to Content Catalyst, you would sit here with only two options:


You hire *someone* to write your captions.

You do it yourself.

Or at least you've considered it.

But here's the thing: hiring a social media manager can cost you thousands of dollars.

And when you're in growth mode, the costs add up real quick.

It's also hard to measure and justify their return on investment when you're still a small business.

So, hiring someone from Fivver or UpWork looks pretty good - until they can't seem to get your voice and you sound like a different person every single time. Fuuuuck. 😅

Remember the Tuesday example I already gave you? Here's a reminder:

You stare at a blank screen every time you get the random urge to create and post content on social media.

After overthinking your graphic and the strategy behind it, you overthink the caption and the strategy behind that too.

This. Is. Draining.

Instead of doing it yourself, you're exhausting yourself and wondering why the hell you can't be consistent when others seem to have it all together.

But all that ends right here, my friend.

The only membership that combines psychology-driven strategy and done-for-you content, so you can create a month’s-worth of social posts in one sitting.

Introducing The Content Catalyst Membership:

You're getting all of this... Every. Single. Month. 👇

  • 20 Monthly Caption Prompts - easy to customize in minutes to make it match your voice. You don't have to worry about using cookie-cutter templates here. 😉

  • Hand-Picked Stock Images & Creative Direction For Reels - to go accompany your captions because there's nothing worse than only having HALF of the creative puzzle at your fingertips. You're covered, from start to finish.

  • Up to 10 ​​​​​​​Monthly Canva Templates - for you to easily execute on the content ideas provided each month.  Sometimes you need more than a stock photo to tell the full story in your content. That's where our Canva Templates come in. And you don't have to stress about 'making the template work' because they're individually created for the specific caption templates they accompany. 

You'll feel a weight lift off your shoulders *especially* when:

  • You need content ideas to either engage, educate, or convert your audience
  • You don't want to overthink your content. You'd rather use that mental energy for client work
  • You need to start content planning and need each post to serve a purpose 
  • You need to be consistent on social media, but don't know what to post
  • You have writer's block, but you still need your captions 🤷‍♀️

And because everyone loves a bonus. Drumroll, please... 🥁

You get access to the content AND the proven strategies below.

Any time. Anywhere.

Marketing Foundational Video Trainings
so that you can show up confidently as the authority you are.

Social Media Marketing Video Trainings
so that you can 10x your content reach and engagement.​​​​​​​

Content Marketing Video Trainings
so that you can turn your content into a lead-generating machine.

Access To Previous Month's Content Plans
so that you can use them right away or spark creative ideas for more content.

Access to our Private Community
3 words: collaboration, strategy, and support.

Monthly Subscription


Gain Instant Access For Only $75


Annual Subscription

$750/year (Get 2 months free!)

If you've been flopping around all over the place on Instagram...

It's because planning your content requires A LOT of guess work. And frankly, staring at a blank screen wondering what the heck you're going to post (or the captions you have to write. Thanks, writer's block!) isn't serving you or your audience. 🙅‍♀️

Sure, there are templates out there that *seem* helpful, but how can you make them sound less cookie-cutter-y and more... you?

With Content Catalyst, you don't have to worry about any of that.
Because it'll be my job, not yours.

You'll never have to waste time trying to figure out what to post. You won't even need to spend hours creating graphics on Canva or asking yourself, "what's the point of this?"

  • You will eliminate the pain out of content creation (especially those captions everyone hates writing!)
  • You will schedule your IG posts and feel a HUGE weight lift off your shoulders
  • You will finish the captions for your next week's posts in minutes. 25 if you're a slow typer
  • You will create 3+ months of captions in a few hours time if you use the previous months' content plans
  • You will always sound like you


"The done-for-you content plan includes the research, caption, suggested image, and even Canva templates. I just have to make minor tweaks to match my voice, and I'm good to go for the whole month. You don't know how much you need this membership until you enroll. Content Catalyst saves me countless hours each month that I can use for client work or my evergreen offers."

Elenny F.
Conversion Copywriter

I don't have to think about what content to put out each month because Marissa does that for me.

"I knew what I wanted to say, but I wasn't sure how to get started. When something is already done, it's SO much easier to plug it in and play. Add a little of yourself to your message to make it fit your brand's voice, and boom! Marissa did such a great job structuring everything, and you can choose what's the goal for that particular post. It's not just an average template; each caption was written with a purpose. It has been a TOTAL game-changer for my business, and I love it!"

Every time I had to write a new caption, I would freeze. 

Andressa N.
Virtual Assistant

It's not just about never running out of content for social media.

You want more than to schedule next week's post so you can sleep at night.

You want your posts to be strategic.

And you frankly want to hook your audience with content that's educational, engaging, and converting.

If others business owners can do it, why not you?

Inside Content Catalyst, you’ll get content that...

  • Is extremely easy to tweak and customize to make it your own and match your brand - nailing your voice each time.
  • Improves your engagement on Instagram because you won't sound sales-y, even when you're selling.
  • Gets you to think of potential posts that you didn't know you needed.
  • Helps you show up as the authority figure in your field and connect with more people.
  • Frees up time from your schedule so that you can focus on running your business.


“Who’s behind this thing I so desperately need?”

Hi. I'm your mentor, Marissa! 

Helping small business owners and service providers accelerate their business growth through psychology-infused marketing strategies is kindaaa my thing.

There are way too many self-proclaimed social media experts out there, so here are a few credentials I've already got under my belt:

  • Certified in Advanced Social Media Strategy - Hootsuite & Syracuse University
  • Certified Content Marketing Specialist - DigitalMarketer
  • Certified in Advanced Social Advertising - Hootsuite
  • Certified in Content Marketing - Hubspot
  • Certified in Social Media Marketing - Hubspot
  • Studied Communication Design - Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - Fort Hays State University with that said...

Isn't the Content Catalyst Membership exactly what you need to show up consistently and strategically on social media?

You don't need a social media manager - who'll definitely cost you thousands of dollars each month.

You don't need a caption writer from Fiverr - who probably won't even nail your voice.

You need a reliable on-demand content plan that will encourage you to stay consistent.



And that is as easy as plug-and-play, like this:

You need strategic content that serves one of three purposes. Like this:


Engagement Content

Educational Content

Conversion Content

People need to know who you are, what you stand for, and why they should follow you over your competitors.

What makes you different and the go-to person in your industry?

People know who you are, so now it's time to blow their mind with your knowledge. Share your insights and provide value for free with your audience to establish trust. 

No trust? No sales.

Congrats, your followers like, know, and trust you! But currently, they're just a follower and followers don't pay the bills. Let's convert those followers into clients!

It's time to talk about your services.

"This membership provided CLARITY. I do so much for others that when it came time for me to do things for myself, I was all over the place. This membership has helped me to step back, take a breath and get more organized. Marissa is always there. Even when she isn't virtually there, she is never too busy to pop in with content and conversation. She is engaging, knowledgeable and helpful."

Karma O.
Communications Expert For Event Planners

"The Content Catalyst membership was exactly what I was looking for at the right time. Someone to guide me through creating content, consistently and on message. The monthly canva templates and content planner were so useful, giving me the tools and the plan to make social media fun and achievable. No more disappearing down the rabbit hole of creating content…this has saved me so much wasted time and effort. Thank you."

Henrietta B.
SEO Specialist

Take the pain out of content creation.

Rather than spending hours making templates and writing captions, you'll easily make simple changes to your premade sets. (Yes, please! 😉)

This membership is for you if ALL of the following are true:

You are a service provider, coach, or consultant. 

You know that consistency is key to stay top-of-mind.

You understand that while social media will help you reach more people, you're the one in charge of nurturing them and closing the sale.

That sounds great! How does it work? 

STEP 1: Join the membership by clicking below
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STEP 3: Access your done-for-you content plans & your bonuses

Monthly Subscription



Join Now For Only $75!

  • 20 Monthly Caption Prompts: Customize to match your brand voice in minutes! 
  • Hand-Picked Stock Images & Creative Direction For Reels: Individually chosen for your specific caption templates so you can integrate mixed media into your account with ease.
  • 10 Monthly Canva Templates: Never start from scratch again. These templates are made to correspond with your caption templates.


  • Marketing Foundational Video Trainings. So that you can show up confidently as the authority you are.
  • Social Media Marketing Video Trainings. So that you can 10x your content reach and engagement.​​​​​​​
  • Content Marketing Video Trainings. So that you can turn your content into a lead-generating machine.
  • Access To Previous Month's Content Plans. So that you can use them right away or spark creative ideas for more content.
  • Access to our Private Community. 3 words: collaboration, strategy, and support.

Cancel anytime. No hard feelings!

I'm a social media manager. Can I use these caption prompts and Canva templates to build out my client's content?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your purchase of the membership includes a personal, non-commercial use license (not for resale, download, distribution, or any commercial use of any kind). If you are a social media manager, virtual assistant, or similar service provider and wish to customize any caption or graphic template for your clients, please contact to purchase a commercial license.

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be granted. So please make sure you know exactly what you’re getting (I told you all the deets up there!) before you join the membership. You're welcome to cancel your membership at anytime.

Will your caption prompts work for any niche?

As long as you’re a service provider or an online business owner who's selling services or digital products, the content inside the membership will work for you! Unfortunately, the content has NOT been optimized for product-based businesses.

Where is the membership hosted?

Inside Mighty Networks. You’ll get instant access to our community as soon as you join.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll receive a few confirmation emails, as well as instant access to our membership community (where everything lives!) and a welcome email outlining your next steps.

I have another question!

No problem! Just send me a DM on Instagram with your question or email me directly at and I'll help you out. 
Please be sure to review our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Refund/Cancellation Policy prior to purchase.