And truth be told you'd love to be consistently showing up. But you've got two (major) problems...

You already know posting on social media is important for your business.

Yeah, that sounds way too familiar.

You have absolutely no clue what you should even be posting about.


You're strapped for time...and it takes you *forever* to put any content together.


Because wtf does "be strategic" even mean?!

You're not a marketing expert. So why does everyone expect you to instinctively know how to market yourself and your business on social media???

Plus you're tired of being told to "be more strategic"  with your content and just want a solution that does the hard work for you.

Finally, someone said it! I need a solution! 

(Sure you might be a millennial who's been embracing social media since it's glory days. But slapping a filter on a brunch photo and creating a post that gets someone to buy from you are WILDLY different ballgames.)

"I joined the Content Catalyst membership because I make creating content way too hard. Marissa breaks it down so you have a guideline of what to post and why. The posts are well thought out, well designed, and easy to modify to your business, ideal client, and social media plan. 

I love that Marissa's method is rooted in psychology and that she also shares the why behind her systems. She's not giving you 30 days of content to post monthly with random prompts and fluff type posts.

The content inside of the membership aren't posts designed to just fill up your feed. The daily prompts are detailed and her extra notes on what graphics or format to use is extremely helpful." 

-Megan N., Financial Strategist

Student Testimonial

A monthly subscription of on-demand content ideas, fill-in-the-blank caption templates, customizable Canva graphics, social strategy tips, and creative direction to help you create social content that attracts, engages, and nurtures your ideal clients.

A Done-For-You Content Plan with 20 New Fill-In-The-Blank Caption Prompts Paired with Visual Suggestions & Creative Direction to help bring each post to life.

A New Collection of Customizable Canva Templates to make building carousel posts and static posts a breeze.

Access To Educational Marketing Foundations Trainings so you can understand why the strategies interwoven into your monthly content plans help grow your business.

Access To The Member's Vault Containing All Previous Content Plans (with a collection of over 300 prompts ready for you to use!)

Access To A Private Facebook Community for support, collaboration, and social media updates.

Say no more. I'm in!


Each Month You Receive...

This is not a membership to help you go viral on Instagram.

This is a membership to help you create content that builds authority, starts conversations, and converts your followers into clients.

Let me introduce you to the solution you've been looking for...



Gain Instant Access

✅ A new social content plan each month with 20 caption prompts, customizable graphic templates, and creative direction for each post.

✅ Access to on-demand marketing trainings, a member's only content vault with over 300 caption prompts, bonus marketing resources, a private Facebook community and more.

✅ Lock in your content for a whole quarter as a commitment to yourself to keep showing up on social.

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Want To Try Before You Buy?

7-Day Full Access Free Trial

Take a look around the membership portal, get familiar with the content plans, check out the Canva templates, try out the caption prompts - all for FREE for 7 days.

Once your 7-day free trial is up, you will be auto-subscribed to a monthly plan.

If you don't want to be automatically charged, cancel your subscription before the free trial ends.



✅ A new social content plan each month with 20 caption prompts, customizable graphic templates, and creative direction for each post.

✅ Access to on-demand marketing trainings, a member's only content vault with over 300 caption prompts, bonus marketing resources, a private Facebook community and more.

Choose Plan

Choose Plan

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"I don't have to think about what content to put out each month because Marissa does that for me! The done-for-you content plan includes the research, caption, suggested image, and even Canva templates. I just have to make minor tweaks to match my voice, and I'm good to go for the whole month.

You don't know how much you need this membership until you enroll. Content Catalyst saves me countless hours each month that I can use for client work or my evergreen offers."

-Elenny F., Conversion Copywriter

Student Testimonial

How is Content Catalyst different than other social media marketing memberships?

Unlike other social media content memberships where typical prompts and templates are either exclusively trend-based or too irrelevant to be adjusted to the needs of your specific business -- The Content Catalyst Membership does things a little differently! 

  • Psychology-Driven Content Prompts : Every caption template and graphic template is crafted with human behavior and buyer psychology in mind. We've woven in little psychological triggers that allow you to effortlessly tap into the hardwired human response system of your audience. Meaning, you'll be able to attract, engage, nurture (and eventually convert) your ideal clients with your content. Just follow the prompts and guidelines when crafting your creative and watch the magic happen!

  • Customizable Content Formats: Each prompt comes with a suggested  Instagram content format to follow, but don't let that hold you back! These are merely suggestions and every prompt is easily adaptable to all content styles (static posts, reels, carousels, and even stories!). They're also easily transferrable other social platforms so you can create a multi-platform presence. 

Content Catalyst gives you the strategy, the prompts, and the creative direction to weave an impactful content calendar together for your service based business.

Sign me up!

"Before I joined Content Catalyst, every time I had to write a new caption, I would freeze.  I knew what I wanted to say, but I wasn't sure how to get started.

When something is already done, it's SO much easier to plug it in and play. Add a little of yourself to your message to make it fit your brand's voice, and boom!

Marissa did such a great job structuring everything, and you can choose what's the goal for that particular post. It's not just an average template; each caption was written with a purpose. It has been a TOTAL game-changer for my business, and I love it!" 

-Andressa N., Virtual Assistant

Student Testimonial

As a member of Content Catalyst, you’ll receive content that...

  • Is extremely easy to tweak and customize to make it your own and match your brand - nailing your voice each time.
  • Improves your engagement on social media because you won't sound salesy, even when you're selling.
  • Gets you to think of potential posts that you didn't know you needed.
  • Helps you show up as an authority figure in your field and connect with more people.
  • Adds more time into schedule so you can focus on running your business (and living your life)

I'm in! Sign me up!

"This membership provided CLARITY. I do so much for others that when it came time for me to do things for myself, I was all over the place. This membership has helped me to step back, take a breath and get more organized. Marissa is always there. Even when she isn't virtually there, she is never too busy to pop in with content and conversation. She is engaging, knowledgeable and helpful."

Karma O.
Communications Expert For Event Planners

"The Content Catalyst membership was exactly what I was looking for at the right time. Someone to guide me through creating content, consistently and on message. The monthly canva templates and content planner were so useful, giving me the tools and the plan to make social media fun and achievable. No more disappearing down the rabbit hole of creating content…this has saved me so much wasted time and effort. Thank you."

Henrietta B.
SEO Specialist

Rather than spending countless hours doom-scrolling, trying to find inspiration on the 'gram. Then trying to design a graphic from scratch and writing a coherent caption from the brain chaos in your head... you can pop inside your membership portal, make a few quick edits to the strategic templates and hit publish with confidence!

"I absolutely love the Content Catalyst Membership! Marissa does such a good job with the monthly content prompts and it's such a good resource to use when I'm feeling the lack of creativity. This membership is a great tool to have, especially if marketing and social media is not your strength or you just have no idea how to start an online business."

Alicia C.
Lead Generation Mentor

Consistently showing up on social media is scientifically proven to help your business.

Look how easy it is to customize our caption templates and graphics to your own brand!

According to the mere-exposure effect, people tend to develop a preference for things or people simply because they are familiar with them. When you consistently show up on social media, you increase your visibility and exposure to your audience. 

The more content you create and the more your audience sees your posts, the more familiar they become with your brand, personality, and message.

This familiarity helps creates a sense trust between you and your audience.

On top of that, when people see your content consistently, it becomes easier for them to remember you and recognize your brand. Both of which help build connections with your audience. And lucky for you, connections lead to conversations, and conversations lead to conversions!

As a member of Content Catalyst, you never have to start a post from scratch again. Making it even easier to build a consistent presence on social media.

You never have to deal with a content calendar that has vague content ideas like "share a testimonial" ever again.

As a member of the Content Catalyst Membership you receive step-by-step directions on what to post, how to post it, and why.

How The Prompts Are Laid Out!

Access Everything To Make Content That Converts For Only $75/Month

Cancel anytime. No hard feelings!

I'm ready to join!

I'm a social media manager. Can I use these caption prompts and Canva templates to build out my client's content?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely! These caption prompts are written in a format that you'll be able to customize to any brand. Content Catalyst is the perfect companion for social media managers and virtual assistants who handle social media marketing tasks. It will help ensure you never run out of creative ideas and always have something to fall back on when you're feeling stuck in a content rut.

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be granted. If you would like to try out the membership first, the free trial option is for you. Once you become a member, you're welcome to cancel your subscription at anytime.

Will your caption prompts work for any niche?

As long as you’re a service provider or an online business owner who's selling services or digital products, the content inside the membership will work for you! Unfortunately, the content has NOT been optimized for product-based businesses.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll receive 3 emails including your receipt, access to our membership portal on ThriveCart, and a welcome email with a few getting started tips.

I have another question!

No problem! Just send me a DM on Instagram with your question or email me directly at and I'll help you out. 
Please be sure to review our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Refund/Cancellation Policy prior to purchase. 
If you made it this far, it's time for you to try out the membership. Click here and just do it. You know you want to.

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